Lake McDonald is a amazing place

Lake McDonald’s is Glacier National Park’s largest lake. It can be found in Flathead County, Montana at 48deg35’N 113deg55’W. It measures approximately 10 miles in length, is over a mile wide, and 472 feet deep. This valley was formed by erosion and glacial activity. Lake McDonald’s is located at 3,153 feet elevation and is west of the Continental Divide. The lake’s southern shoreline is paralleled by the Going-to-the Sun Road. The lake’s surface is 6,823 acres. Numerous native trout species and other game fish live in the lake. There are many species that can be caught, including westslope cutthroat trout and rainbow trout as well as bull trout, bull trout and lake trout. The lake is not a popular fishing spot due to its low nutrient content. Although grizzly bears, black bears, moose and mule deer can be found near the lake, they are more common along the shore. The dense coniferous forest surrounding the lake is home to many species of spruce and fir as well as larch. Visit for more about Lake McDonald

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