Bankruptcies & Foreclosures

Recent economic times have been exceedingly difficult, and that’s not your fault. If you have debt that’s holding your life back, then bankruptcy might be right for you. The bankruptcy process is not meant to punish debtors; rather, it is meant to provide you with the fresh start that you need. Passamani & LeTang, PLLC can help you make the right decisions as you navigate your way to better financial health.

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We can help with:

  • Determining whether bankruptcy is right for you.
  • Advising you which of your debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy.
  • Halting foreclosures, lawsuits, and other creditor actions.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation).
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy (wage earner plan).
  • Creditors seeking payment in bankruptcy.
  • Adversarial proceedings in bankruptcy.
  • Foreclosure help for debtors.
  • Foreclosure help for creditors.